Summer Reading 2016

Elementary Reading
(Grades 2-4)

Each student entering grades 2 – 4 will be required to read two books from the list below. The student must complete the reading questions for each of them. The questions will be graded and are due to their English teachers on the first FULL day of school. Reading form is included in the pdf below.

Summer Reading 2nd through 4thReading List 2nd through 4th

Summer Reading 2nd through 3rd Questions 2nd through 3rd

Summer Reading 2nd through 4th Questions 4th

Middle School Reading
(Grades 5-8)

The English Department at Claiborne Christian School is requiring that students entering grades five through eight participate in summer reading.  Students will complete an assignment as they read to aid their comprehension.  Books and assignments must be brought to class on the first full day of school. These assignments will be graded, and students will complete a graded assignment during the first week of class. 

Summer Reading 5th through 8thReading List 5th through 8th

Summer Reading 5th - Bridge to Terabithia 5th - BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA

Summer Reading 6th - Number the Stars 6th - NUMBER THE STARS

Summer Reading 6th - Where the Red Fern Grows 7th - WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS

Summer Reading 8th - The Giver8th - THE GIVER

High School Reading
(Grades 9 -12)

All incoming 9 - 12 graders

Summer Reading 9th 9th Grade - TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

Summer Reading 10th 10th Grade - OUTLIERS

Summer Reading 11th 11th Grade - DAVID AND GOLIATH

Summer Reading 12th 12th Grade - FREAKONOMICS