Summer Reading 2017

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Important Update

Middle and High School Parents,
Happy summer to all! We have received some feedback on our summer reading, and would like to offer the following clarifications & help for you!

First, we value our partnership with you, and apologize that the new summer reading requirements were not communicated thoroughly enough before school was dismissed. Our goal in revamping summer reading was to give our students more freedom to choose what they want to read and to give them a relevant, more individualized way to respond to their reading than sheets of questions. It certainly was not our intention to cause confusion or overload.
We are offering the following helps in hopes that we can land at a great spot with summer reading that is both doable for families AND meets our goal of helping students sustain the academic gains they made last year:
1. We are ELIMINATING the 100 pt. project that was due the first full day of school.
2. An email account has been set up to answer your students’ questions about summer reading. Just have them email their specific questions to 2.
3. A  note about the “additional two texts” besides the book students choose:
--These can be ANYTHING.  All students have to do is google an article, poem, or story on the topic. These do not have to be lengthy or difficult pieces. Again, they should be items of interest to the student. Is your student into sports? They can find a story about an Olympic or professional athlete that has had to overcome some obstacle or challenge. Are they interested in cooking? Have them read about the challenges of opening a restaurant.
4. A  note about the blog posts:
--Once students click the link to the blog, there are thorough instructions there on the home page for how they are to proceed. If they have questions, they may email them to the address above.
--We are extending the first blog post deadline to June 30, and what to post is outlined on the original summer reading instructions. This post can be about any one of the 3 texts: the book or one of the shorter pieces! The post should be 100-200 words.
--The 2nd & 3rd posts, due July 21, should be: a.) another post just like the 1st one, except about one of your other texts and b.) a comment of 50 words or less on anyone else’s post on the blog (Again, lots of ideas for what to post about are included in the original summer reading instructions for your grade.)
--4th & 5th posts, due August 11, should be: a.) another post just like the 1st one, except about whatever text you read last and b.) a comment of 50 words or less on anyone else’s post.
The rationale behind the staggered deadlines is to encourage students to sustain reading throughout the summer rather than wait until the very end to cram which actually defeats the purpose and benefits of summer reading.
5. There will still be an in-class essay for 50 points on the first full day of class.
This brings the total point value for summer reading to 100 points.
In changing things up, we knew there would be a learning curve. We hope that these helps make things more reasonable/ understandable. Please don’t hesitate to have your students send questions to the help email