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A message from the Head of School

Dear Claiborne Christian Parents,

We are excited to announce that early re-enrollment is open for the 2018-19 school year. This year we are doing everything in our power to ensure your student’s seat in one of our classrooms next year!

CCS has full enrollment in several grades, and we have new families that are ready to enroll their students for the upcoming year. So we want to be sure to give you first place in the enrollment lineup. We cannot guarantee enrollment for the upcoming year after Friday, April 6, for students that have not re-enrolled. On Monday, April 9, we will determine classes that are at capacity based on re-enrollment and those that can accept new students.

Claiborne Christian is committed to creating an enrollment process that partners with current families while also allowing us to enroll new students in a timely manner. As a result, it is critical that you complete your re-enrollment form and make a non-refundable registration fee payment no later than Friday, April 6, to ensure continued enrollment. Click HERE to fill out our re-enrollment form.

We’ve seen outstanding growth over the last seven years. What a blessing! Along with growth comes the need for more preparation for the next year. We hope you celebrate our school growth, while understanding why our enrollment process is more critical than ever. We want to do everything to make this process accessible and easy for you, our current parents!

Tuition and Fees for the 2018-19 School Year

Tuition and Fees for the 2018-19 School Year
The CCS faculty and staff are the lifeblood of our beloved community. Without them, the intimate, nurturing, and loving environment that is the hallmark of our school experience would not be possible. Similar to many Christian schools around the country, the vast majority (three-quarters) of our expenses are dedicated to faculty and staff compensation. The majority of our revenue derived from tuition and fees goes to meet those expenses. Other educational programs on campus contribute to a balanced budget each year, but CCS remains dependent on income from tuition and fees to meet our annual operating expenses.

As evidence of our commitment to our faculty and staff, a majority of the revenue from tuition increases has been directed toward compensation for our staff and faculty in previous years, and that will remain true this year.

The school board and administration recognize the sacrifice made by our Crusader families. As we endeavor to compensate our dedicated faculty and staff, we keep this delicate balance in mind. Our tuition increase for 2018-19 is a representative of our commitment to offering an exceptional Christian education led by highly qualified and talented educators.

Attached is an outline of tuition and fees for the 2018-19 school year. Claiborne Christian’s tuition will be $5452.48 for K5-5, $5780.72 for middle school, and $6174.63 for high school. This represents a 3% increase for each division. Families that pay full tuition and fees for the upcoming school year by July 10 receive $150 off per family. For any financial questions, please contact Alison Walker at or at 318.396.7959, ext. 3202. Click HERE to see attached 2018-19 tuition and fees.

Every decision made here at CCS, those large and small, is centered around the more than three-decade-old mission of providing an exceptional Christian education that disciples students and raises the leaders of tomorrow. We ask for your continued support and hope you will be part of the growth and development of our intimate and dynamic community.  

Lee Taylor
Head of School

P.S. The re-enrollment giveaway that runs each year to get students excited about being with us again for the upcoming year will run through Monday, April 2. In order for your child to be eligible, they must be re-enrolled Monday, April 2.

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