Challenging Classes.
Leadership Opportunities.
Competitive Athletics.

What Makes CCS A Game Changer for Every Student?

Academics at CCS
Claiborne Christian students continually score in the highest categories on standardized tests. Why do our students excel? Because we challenge them to be problem solvers and critical thinkers both inside and outside the classroom. This training prepares them to be standouts in college and beyond.
We believe that creativity thrives when it’s nurtured, inspiration when it’s fed. That’s why CCS is committed to developing each student’s unique talent through the arts. Students have the chance to participate in our high-quality programs, including choir and art. Our choir program has nabbed several honors, including “Excellent” ratings at the Choir Festival, and many students have been selected for participation in the National Honor Choir.
Arts at CCS
Discipleship at CCS
Claiborne Christian School is serious about developing fully devoted disciples of Christ, students who possess the valuable – but increasingly rare – qualities of humility, accountability, and compassion. We develop character and instill a Christian worldview in every student through Bible classes, chapels, service projects, and leadership development. It is woven throughout all of our classes and sports programs.
We see the desperate need for Christian leaders in our culture. The Student Leadership Institute is a yearlong training program for high school students. It challenges them think critically about difficult topics while teaching them about the importance of Christian leadership in all types of organizations. Students learn to see leadership from a truly biblical perspective, and emerge from the institute with solid problem-solving, interpersonal, and management skills.
Leadership at CCS
Athletics at CCS
CCS athletics is an opportunity for students to build camaraderie, develop confidence, and challenge themselves physically. The Crusader athletic teams have had incredible success throughout our more than 30-year history, winning numerous state championships in baseball, softball and women’s cross-country. Click here for a full listing of the sports offered.
Innovative Technology
The way students learn, communicate, and collaborate is rapidly changing – and those who don’t have access to the latest technology can be quickly left behind. Claiborne Christian School is excited about introducing the leading innovations to our students. We utilize current technology to broaden student’s horizons and increase their opportunities for the future. This has led to the integration of Google apps throughout our school and an incredibly innovative elementary iPad program.
Innovative Technology at CCS
Athletics at CCS
Homeschool Transitioning
CCS has become a strategic partner for many homeschool families in Ouachita Parish. A number of families committed to the principles and values that support homeschooling have seen a shared set of values with Claiborne Christian. Families looking for increased academic rigor, athletic opportunities, and student experiences during key transitions to middle school and high school have found a supportive partner in CCS.
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How Does CCS Offer a Dynamic Student Experience?

At Claiborne Christian, students have plenty of opportunities to pursue their interests and hone their talents. Watch teacher Nicki Olinde, leader of the 6-12 division, explain the wide range of options to get involved.